A Closer Look at the Case Study

Super Smile Dental looked to attract more patients to their dental clinic. We utilised our experience and expertise to provide them with better quality and quantity of leads.

About Super Smile Dental


Super Smile Dental is Cardiff’s one of the most trusted dental practices. They are known for their high-quality dental care and comprehensive range of dental treatments. However, they felt that there was much to be desired when it came to their digital presence. While favourable word of mouth and positive reviews brought in a decent number of patients, they realised they were yet to achieve their full potential. So they collaborated with us for leveraging digital platforms to bring in new patients.


Objectives & Challenges We Accepted

Super Smile had their eyes set on reaching a wider user base and thus wanted to gain a good number of quality leads. They wanted to boost their conversion rates and the objectives set were as follows:

  • Increase the flow of organic traffic to their website
  • Rank maximum keywords on the First Page
  • Bring in new patients to their clinic


Tremendous Growth in Traffic by 193% in 10 Months Only

Once the goals were set, we immediately started working to increase organic traffic. As an outcome of the consistent efforts of our experts, we are able to achieve phenomenal growth of 193% in traffic in 10 months only. Super Smile Dental had limited pages on its website, as a result, we covered almost all the keywords along with targeted ones.

Traffic Growth of Super Smile Dental

New User Increased by 180%

The increase in traffic that we were able to achieve in this short span of 10 months translated into a staggering growth of 180% in new users. The improvements in other sections can also be seen in the image below:

  • Overall user growth: 185%
  • Sessions: 162%
  • Page views: 16%

New Users Growth of Super Smile Dental

Country-Specific Traffic Goal Achieved


The location from where the traffic is received is as important as (if not more) the volume of the traffic. It’s not always easy to gain traffic and clicks from the targeted location or country. However, with Super Smile Dental, all the impressions were from the UK (their targeted country) itself. Moreover, we were able to increase the impressions by a whopping 2235% and clicks by 301%.

Country-Specific Traffic of Super Smile Dental

The Conversion Focused Strategy


Super Smile’s primary goal was to improve the conversion rate. So keeping it at the focal point of our strategy, we devised an action plan accordingly. Winning the trust of visitors and converting them into customers (in this case, patients) is an extremely difficult task. However, our strategy proved pretty effective, which led numerous potential customers to book an appointment and send a query directly through form-filling.


The organic conversions increased from 27 to 78, translating to a growth of 188% in 10 months.

Conversion Rate of Super Smile Dental

Google Search Console Results


The image below demonstrates the search console results we were able to deliver for Super Smile Dental.


The total number of impressions shows the number of times the website was visible in SERPs (search engine result pages) for various search queries. Our efforts led to a significant increase in impressions – from 581 to 21000.


Total Clicks, on the other hand, depicts the number of times users click on the website after discovering it in the search engine result pages. As for clicks, we started with 125 clicks, and have now reached 537.

Google Search Console Result of Super Smile Dental

SEMRush Progress Overview

Traffic Trend

We extensively use SEMRush data in our reports. We have used it to demonstrate the increase in traffic as shown below. We facilitated significant growth in organic traffic, from 0 to 500 in a relatively short span of time.

Organic Traffic Growth of Super Smile Dental

Organic Keywords Trend (30 Keywords Ranked in Top 10)

We have also achieved sizable growth in terms of the ranking position of organic keywords. To put things into perspective, the number of keywords ranking in the top 10 positions (first page) increased from 0 to 28, while the total number of ranked keywords improved from 8 to 164.

Keywords Ranking Position Growth of Super Smile Dental

The Link Building Strategy That We Have Followed

Increase in No. of Backlinks

Backlinks play a vital role in improving the rankings of targeted keywords. We strived hard to increase the number of quality backlinks for Super Smile Dental. As shown in the data below, the number of backlinks was just 2 in April 2022, which increased to an astounding 968 in January 2023. We were able to achieve such momentous growth in just under a year.

Increase Quality Backlinks of Super Smile Dental

Quality Referring Domains

When it comes to backlinks we focus on quality along with quantity. As demonstrated in the image below, we prioritise indexed and do follow links over other types. Our backlink activity includes guest blogging, article submission, local directory submission, classified submission, and many more.

Quality Referring Domains of Super Smile Dental

How We Secure the #1 Position for Main Keywords

An essential part of our strategy involved performing efficient key research, followed by working to rank them at the top positions on SERPs. To accomplish this, we make use of all the proven SEO optimisation qualities. Not only that, we execute our strategy, keeping all Google algorithms in mind. As a consequence of following a long-term strategy, we still maintain the #1 position for multiple keywords even after numerous Google algorithm updates.


You can find some of our keywords ranking in the #1 position below.

Keyword at 1 Position of Super Smile Dental

Keyword at 1 Position of Super Smile Dental

A Sustainable SEO Strategy Translated into an Increased Flow of Patients

Super Smile Dental has seen significant growth in their flow of new patients. This is the result of a thoughtful SEO strategy and a synergetic collaboration. It helped them succeed in their mission to serve up as many happy smiles as possible to people in Cardiff and around.


So if you too are looking to polish up your online presence, feel free to get in touch with us.

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