Perfect Smile Dental, with more than 30 dental practices across the UK, was looking for an agency to help them acquire new patients from different locations. Here’s how collaborating with us helped them serve up more smiles!


Closer Look at the Journey of Perfect Smile Dental With Us

Since its inception in 2004, Perfect Smile has been the reason behind the perfect smiles of over 4 million patients (and counting) across the UK. Starting from a single practice to offering honest, consultative treatments to patients nationwide, they have come a long way. From general and cosmetic dentistry to specialist and facial treatments, they offer all sorts of treatments expected from a top-notch dental practice. This, combined with a patient-centric approach, state-of-the-art technology and a team of highly-qualified clinicians, has led Perfect Smile to be one of the most trusted names in the industry.


The Objectives We Set Out to Achieve

Perfect Smile looked to expand its organic reach and bring in new patients at all their practices in different locations. The aim was to:

  • Establish a strong online presence
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Target location-based keywords and rank them in top positions
  • Increase the flow of new patients at practices in different locations


How We Worked to Achieve Their Goals

With the set goals at the focal point of their research, our experts drew up an innovative and efficient SEO strategy. It involved carrying out various activities, both on-page and off-page. What we performed:

  • Target new audiences
  • Create new location pages
  • Optimise all location pages
  • Optimise content on new and existing pages
  • Comprehensive optimisation of treatment pages

As a result of this well-thought-out strategy and the incessant efforts of our enthusiastic team, today, more than 50 of the targeted keywords rank in the Top 5 positions.


A Fourfold (208%) Organic Traffic Increased

Perfect smile is associated with us for quite a few years now. Our hard work and consistent efforts have led them to show such a level of trust in us. The results justify it as well. We have been able to achieve a monumental growth of 208% in organic traffic.

Organic Traffic Growth of Perfect Smile Dental

Organic Traffic Growth of Perfect Smile Dental

Visitors-to-Patients Conversion Ratio Increased by 245%

Since Perfect Smile is a dental clinic, a substantial increase in organic traffic couldn’t be our end goal. We had to bring in new patients. To accomplish that, we worked to improve the landing page and optimised its content to convert visitors into new patients. The strategy proved to be an effective one, and as you can see in the image below, we have achieved a staggering growth of 245% in the visitor-to-patient ratio.

Conversion Ratio of Perfect Smile Dental

A 100% Increase in New Users

Perfect smile wanted an improvement in the new users ratio that further translates into an increase in new patients. So we worked to improve their online visibility in different locations with local intent. This led to quite a few keywords ranking on the first page. Ultimately, we were able to improve sessions, page views and user flow – each by approximately 100%

New Users Ratio of Perfect Smile Dental

The UK-specific Traffic Improved by a Staggering 101%

What’s the point of doing any activity if we do not get substantial from the country the business is located in? It will not produce the desired results. Keeping this in mind, we devised a strategy accordingly and build local awareness to gain enough traffic from the targeted country. It produce tremendous results as we were able to see a growth of 101% in organic traffic from the UK.

Organic Traffic of Perfect Smile Dental

An Extraordinary Growth of 2.5M in No. of Impressions in Just 6 Months

Here is another piece of data, showing how we improved the total no. of impressions from 4.3M to 6.79M in 6 months. Apparently, this increase in impressions reflects in the total number of clicks as well, which increased from 94K to 109K during this period.

No. of Impressions of Perfect Smile Dental

The “SEMRush” Perspective

A Steady Rise in Organic Traffic after Jan-2019

We measure the performance of the website using SEMRush – a tool trusted by industry experts. The image below shows an excerpt of data from the tool. It can be seen how there was a significant drop in traffic in January 2019 and how we have recovered from it to never let it fall again. As of January 2023, our organic traffic stands at 28,574.

Organic Traffic after Jan-2019 of Perfect Smile Dental

8X Increase in the Number of Keywords Ranking in the Top 3 Positions

Having a good number of keywords ranking at the top positions is fundamental to gaining high traffic and leads. Having started with just 44 keywords, we have strived hard to have an astounding 326 keywords ranking in the top 3 positions. To put things into perspective, the CTR of the keywords ranking in the top 3 positions is close to 68%.

Increased Keywords Ranking of Perfect Smile Dental

An Effective Link-Building Strategy

A Steady Rise in the Number of Backlinks

When it comes to providing results, we leave no stone unturned. Our focus is always on all-around growth. The data below shows how we have worked to increase the number of backlinks, leading to a considerable increase in the visibility of each landing page.

Rise the Number of Backlinks of Perfect Smile Dental

Top-priority to Do-follow Backlinks

Do-follow links are universally accepted as the best-quality backlinks. So as seen below, we always prioritise them over other variants.

Do-follow Backlinks of Perfect Smile Dental

Targeted Keywords in the Top 5 Positions

While we diligently work on all the researched keywords, we particularly strived hard to have the targeted keywords rank in the top 5 positions. This is to ensure that we delivered on the promise we made to folks at Perfect Smile, and yes we finally achieved it. Along with targeted keywords we have focused on multiple other keywords to their services and around 25 keywords are ranked on 1st position.

Keywords Rank on 1st position of Perfect Smile Dental

Multiple Keywords at #1 Position on Google

#1 position in Google rankings is a significant achievement. It is instrumental in getting immersive organic traffic. The below images show various results depicting Perfect Smile ranking in the #1 position for different keywords.

Keywords Raking Position 1 of Perfect Smile Dental

Serving More Patients than Ever Before

With the success of Perfect Smile’s SEO campaign, they are no longer reliant only on word of mouth or third-party sites for referrals. With enhanced online visibility and effective content strategy, more patients were able to find them online and trust them. Consequently, they were able to put more people on the path of dental/oral wellness than ever before.

If you too want to transform your growth trajectory, get into a collaborative partnership with us. Book your free consultation today!

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