Does your business website need customers or clients to book appointments before their visit? Are you looking to add an appointment and booking form to your website? If yes, this is the article for you.


Most businesses, like dentists, restaurants, and spas, have pre-booking and reservations made. Enabling this option on your website will fascinate your business further.


Also, if you’re still using the traditional reservations via phone, it’s time to upgrade it on your website, making things online. And to do so, all you need is a WordPress appointment plugin.


You can build a convenient online booking system on your website using the plugin. It can work wonders for your website. As a business owner, the entire booking and reservation process gets automated, and you can quickly look up to them and plan things throughout the day.


This article comprehensively lists the 12 best WordPress booking and appointment plugins available. We will discuss these plugins in detail, along with their features, pricing pros, and cons. But, before that, let’s take a quick look at why you need an appointment plugin and what are the key features to look at such plugins.


Let’s get started.


Why do you Need a Booking and Appointment Plugin?


Having a booking and appointment plugin is more than just an option for your website. It helps you increase your customer leads, save time for you and your customers, and much more.

Here are the Reasons why you should use the Plugin

Provide Scheduling and Booking Options to Your Customers

Having an appointment plugin provides your website visitor with the option of service. Imagine asking your customer to pay you directly for the service you offer! With the booking plugin, it’s not an option.


And nobody pays you on the first interaction. But a booking plugin makes it possible. They make a partial payment for booking a time at your spa or restaurant.


Improve User Experience

Nobody enjoys finding you on the website through a phone number and calling you to book the service.


Booking and appointment plugins encourage potential customers to visit your website and make a reservation quickly. It’s also the best option. They don’t have to interact with you like phone calls or messages but can directly book your services. Both you and your user will save up their time and influence the working schedule.


Integration with your Calendar

Now, you don’t have the pressure to list every call you make, the available time slot, and everything.


The plugin does all the work for you. It integrates into the calendar system. Many customers can book a slot and receive a notification about it. It directly automates the process for you.


Key Features to Look for in WordPress Booking Appointment Plugin


Creating an appointment and booking form on your website from scratch requires advanced technical knowledge.


On the other hand, using a booking plugin helps you save a lot of money and time by offering the service in a few clicks. We recommend using a suitable plugin rather than going through the whole coding process. Upon configuration, you’ll have a beautiful booking form with features like confirmation notifications, email, payment, and more.

But how do you Develop the Best Plugin for your Website?

Here we have listed the key elements to look out for when selecting the appointment booking plugin for your website:

  • Option to customize the calendar as per your need
  • Mobile-friendly and easy-to-use interface
  • Various payment gateways options
  • Extensive opportunity to book many schedules
  • Multiple booking options
  • Management of booking overlap
  • Options for group booking
  • Search filters options
  • Easy customization functionality
  • Sends email reminders to the clients

Top 12 Best WordPress Booking and Appointment Plugins


Here are the top 15 booking plugins available for your WordPress website. Have a look at the table for a quick overview of each plugin: name, pricing, reviews, active installation.

For a Quick Review | Pros, Cons, and Cost

Plugin Pricing Active Installation Rating
WooCommerce Bookings $249 per year 10,000+ 2.5 stars
Bookly Free / $89 per year 2,000,000+ 4.5 stars
BookingWP $89 per year NA 4.5 stars
Amelia $75 per year 2,000+ 4.7 stars
Booking Calendar Free / $48 per year 60,000+ 4.7 stars
MotoPress Hotel Booking Free / $79 per year 10,000+ 3.8 stars
Booknetic $79 per year 6,000+ 4.9 stars
Salon Booking System Free / $69 per year 8,000+ 4.4 stars
Simply Schedule Appointments Free / $99 per year 20,000+ 5 stars
Appointment Hour Booking Free / $10 per month 30,000+ 4.9 stars
Easy Appointments Free / $39 per year 20,000+ 4.4 stars
WP Simple Booking Calendar Free / $39 per year 10,000+ 4.8 stars

Now, let’s view each of these plugins in detail:

1. WooCommerce Bookings

WooCommerce Bookings

As the name suggests, WooCommerce Booking is a plugin addon for WooCommerce-powered websites. It is a perfect suit for WooCommerce-enabled businesses looking to add appointment booking functionality to their website.  The plugin provides many settings and options to help you quickly build a comprehensive booking system.


It allows your customers to select the time slots. Further, it offers multi-person booking and the option to define and minimum to a maximum number of persons. It offers easy payment integration. WooCommerce Booking provides the option to provide discounts on bulk bookings and such. The plugin has advanced features and functionalities to help power your WooCommerce-website.



  • Option to select time slots for each appointment
  • Allows users to specify the time length for each booking
  • Supports group booking and the minimum and maximum number of people
  • Options to add special pricing and discounts for group bookings
  • Supports various payment gateways
  • Offers reviewing option before the confirmation of the booking
  • Sends auto notification, and email remainders
  • Supports booking overlay
  • Synchronizes with Google calendar
  • Offers multiple add-ons to enhance the features based on specific niches.


  • Allows multiple bookings
  • Easy payment integration
  • Easy synchronization with Google calendar


  • Quite expensive


WooCommerce Booking is a bit expensive. It costs $249 per year.



WooCommerce Booking is the perfect option for WooCommerce-based businesses. Built by the same agency, it has all the features and functionality that integrate well with your website.


Get WooCommerce Booking

2. Bookly


Bookly is a plugin with both free and paid versions. It is one of the best fits for your appointment plugins to automate the booking management system on your WordPress website. The plugin offers free-to-use features and also has an upgraded premium plan. Bookly can be the one for you if you’re searching for a free booking plugin.


It includes features with a modernized front end and back end to provide complete control over the booking system management. Bookly is an easy-to-use plugin and requires no coding knowledge. All you have to do is install and perform the necessary setup per the documentation.


Your customers will get a straightforward interface where they pick a service, confirm the date and time for the appointment, provide details like phone number and email address, and make payment.



  • Easy customization for the look, feel, design, and layout of the interface
  • Options to add unlimited booking forms, and services
  • Option to create a separate pricing structure for different members
  • Each staff member has a custom schedule to plan things out
  • Automatic email reminders and SMS notifications
  • Online payment gateway options like PayPal or pay on arrival
  • Has a built-in analytics
  • Easy WooCommerce integration
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easy synchronization with Google calendar


  • Effortless online booking and scheduling option
  • Optimized for mobile to offer a great user experience
  • Simple management right from the WordPress admin panel


  • It might seem a bit difficult in the first place, but it’s not.


Bookly is a free plugin. It also has a premium version available from $89 per year.



Bookly is the perfect suit for businesses who are tight on budget and want to use a free plugin that offers premium-like features. Bookly does the job for you.


Get Bookly

3. BookingWP


BookingWP is a WordPress booking appointment plugin offering many options and features to help you provide your clients with the most flexible booking options. It also provides enhanced control over the entire appointment process. The plugin includes features like creating custom fields, offering a dedicated calendar to each staff member, availability rules to set off days, breaks, and much more.


BookingWP is optimized to function beautifully with major WordPress themes and page builders. You will not be facing compatibility issues using the plugin on your WordPress website. It comes with dedicated support and integrates beautifully with WooCommerce plugins. So, it can also be an excellent suit for the WooCommerce website.


The plugin supports online payments. It offers confirmations and reminders of the booking via emails and SMS. Your clients also have the option to cancel the booking and reschedule it to their preferred time slot.



  • Allows to create a custom form field to let customers provide some extra information
  • Dedicated calendars with Google calendar synchronization
  • Option to assign particular dates as holidays and break times
  • Supports online payments
  • Time conversion option
  • Offers multi-day scheduling
  • Options to cancel an appointment
  • Email and notifications
  • WooCommerce compatible


  • Option to cancel the booking as well
  • Multiple booking options
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Don’t have a free version


BookingWP is a premium plugin that costs $89 per year for a single website subscription. Using up to 5 websites will cost you $129 per year.



BookingWP is a perfect site for a business that wants to offer the option to cancel the booking as per the customer’s preference. It is also a good suit if you search for a compatible WordPress booking plugin.


Get BookingWP

4. Amelia


If you’re a beginner to website creation and looking forward to building a booking appointment form for your website, Amelia is the one for you. The plugin boasts a modern design and intuitive user interface that provides a smooth experience for the customers booking on your website. Your visitors can pick the time and date of their appointments and the agent or service provider they prefer getting the service from.


Using the plugin is super easy. Ameilia offers you an insight dashboard with a rich calendar view to stay updated on all your bookings. The plugin offers customization options to take complete control over the look and feel of the calendar. It offers the option to cancel or reschedule them. It sends automatic emails, SMS notifications, and customer reminders upon booking confirmation.



  • Easy step-by-step process to book on the website
  • Offers feature enriched customization to help you take control over the look and feel of the booking calendar
  • Provides insightful admin dashboard to view the booking information
  • Dedicated search widget for complementing users in booking availability
  • Automatic SMS and email reminders
  • Supports multiple payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe
  • Google Calendar synchronization


  • Modern design that blends with any website
  • Endless collection of features
  • Easy configuration settings


  • A vast collection of features includes a complex learning curve.


Amelia is a free booking appointment WordPress plugin. It also has a premium version with three different plans, with a basic costing $75 per year, a pro costing $113 per year, and a developer plan costing $235 per year.



Amelia can be the perfect suit for someone looking for a flexible booking system with easy online appointment management and an event reservation facility.


Get Amelia

5. Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar

Booking Calendar is one of the oldest free WordPress booking plugins. The 5-star rating of the plugin shows that it is still offering great features and functionalities. It has the most features for any small business to set up an online appointment. The plugin also has a premium plan.


Booking Calendar includes automated email notifications for when users make their bookings and need reminders. It sets a unique tool to set a timeframe for several days. you can accept several double bookings and turn to the devices you get between the time frames. Apart from that, the plugin integrates with lots of third-party tools and calendar apps.


The plugin has a calendar and booking option for your offline online services. It is flexible and shows every business that works on a booking basis. Booking Calendar is responsive and offers excellent features, even in the free version.



  • Google calendar synchronization
  • Supports third-party sites like Airbnb and TripAdvisor
  • Works in widgets for easy placement in the sidebar
  • Multiple language support
  • Unique availability with options for blocking out specific times and date
  • Color customization available


  • Easy to use and flexible functionality
  • Quick integration via shortcode
  • Option to use Gutenberg block into any post or page


  • All pro plans offer only a single site license.


Booking Calendar offers a free version on the WordPress repository. The plugin has various plans ranging from personal to multiuser, costing you between $48 and $390.



The plugin best fits any rental or service-related business website looking to integrate online booking.


Get Booking Calendar

6. MotoPress Hotel Booking

MotoPress Hotel Booking

As the name says, the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin is specifically designed and developed for websites that handle hotel bookings and reservations. With niche-specific features and functionalities, the plugin helps you quickly build and manage a property rental website. It is flexible and can be used by any other business too.


The plugin offers a dedicated form with the option to search for hotel room availability. You can create accommodation suites with custom information like bed type, room size, provided facilities, etc. Each room can be customized as per the rates and facilities offered. MotoPress Hotel Booking also offers multiple reservations and group booking. Your visitors must specify the number of people coming and the rooms they might need.


Further, the plugin is integrated with online payment gateways. You can set up automated rules to regulate the pricing inside a custom period. You can set up different pricing for the booking, such as seasonal, discounted rates, and more. The plugin perfectly creates an online booking form for your hotel and restaurant website.



  • User-friendly interface
  • Shows availability for bookings
  • Offers comprehensive accommodation details
  • Showcases featured image of the room
  • Has a dedicated calendar with all booking information, including the room time, status, period of booking, and such.
  • Option to set flexible price rates
  • Supports various online payment gateways
  • Group reservation and multiple booking options
  • Automated email and SMS messages


  • All-in-one property management system
  • Fact creation of forms
  • Accepts online reservations directly on the website


  • Need time to get used to the plugin due to the number of features


MotoPress is a premium plugin costing $79 per year for a single license and $199 to use on unlimited websites. It also has a free version called Hotel Booking Lite.



MotoPress Hotel Booking is the perfect WordPress booking plugin for rental businesses, hotels, and real estate agencies.


Get MotoPress Hotel Booking

7. Booknetic


Booknetic is a featured-enriched WordPress booking plugin that fits the need of various businesses, including medical, fitness, health, beauty, education, and many more. The plugin is easy to configure, and you can quickly get started. Its easy-to-use back-end and front-end format is a lifesaver for businesses that cannot understand high-tier software solutions. The plugin lets you fully automate the appointment bookings and settle a smooth workflow.


Bookentic offers full customization of features to help you get complete control over your appointments. You can use the drag-and-drop builder to customize the booking panel, reorder the initial steps and add or remove the extra steps to create your ideal booking panel. You can use the backend panel to manage the workflow of appointments and bookings. The plugin offers a separate section for customers, staff, appointments, and locations. Bookentic offers world-class customer support and has a 5-star rating on Envato.



  • Offers calendar sync to avoid many bookings
  • Booking widget to be placed anywhere on the site
  • Complete control of your schedule
  • Option to sign in with Facebook or Google ID
  • Offers unlimited services, employees, and locations to be set on the booking panel
  • Easy customization
  • Online payments through PayPal, Stripe, and more
  • Online billing and invoicing feature
  • Ability to access virtual events via Zoom
  • Comprehensive reporting


  • Easy configuration with many functions
  • Completely automated
  • Handles small to large volumes of data


  • It has no free version


Bookentic is a premium plugin available for $79 per year for a single license and $489 for an extended license.



The plugin is for anyone looking to integrate a complete online booking system on their website. It allows you to set automatic payments, translate them, and enjoy effortless form creation.


Get Booknetic

8. Salon Booking System

Salon Booking System

Salon Booking Calendar is a WordPress booking plugin curated for salons and similar businesses. It is designed for single-person reservations within a day. The plugin offers an intuitive front end as well as a back end. You can access a featured backend calendar, helping you keep track of the appointments and manage all these bookings. Salon Booking Calendar offers flexibility and customization options for setting up the user interface.


You can customize the booking form, set up custom booking rules, and add potentially unlimited services, providers, and more. The plugin is optimized to accept online payments from your clients. Once the payment has been made, the plugin sends an automatic confirmation email or SMS message.



  • Offers custom booking rules reflecting your working schedule
  • Option to set regulations and off-days
  • Dedicated backend calendar
  • Creates unlimited services
  • Automatic emails and SMS reminders
  • Integrated discount system
  • Google calendar synchronization
  • Online payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, and online banking
  • Detailed reports and stats are available on reservation.


  • Exclusive niche booking system
  • User-friendly front-end and back-end
  • Simple customization


  • Expensive premium plans


Salon Booking System has a free and paid version. The premium version has five plans ranging from $69 to $399 per year.



The plugin is the best choice for businesses that makes one-on-one appointments, such as songs, hairdressers, and similar service-related companies.


Get Salon Booking System

9. Simply Schedule Appointments

Schedule Appointments

Simply Schedule Appointment is a simple and easy-to-use scheduling plugin for businesses running WordPress websites. It offers free and premium versions, including access to more advanced features and unique integrations.


The plugin is built to provide WordPress websites with a simple way to add and manage an online appointment. It is set up on wizard, which walks you through setting up your booking form and placing it in the necessary place on the site.


The free version of the plugin is compatible with all the page builders and offers easy drag and drop. You can style and customize the plugin to fit the need of your website. Simply Schedule Appointment is updated regularly and offers high-quality support. It has a 5-star review rating on the WordPress repository for its features.



  • Offers extensive features in the free version
  • Book unlimited appointments
  • Customization of booking to match the website
  • Easy drag and drop
  • Accepts payment via PayPal and Stripe
  • Integrate over 15+ tools
  • Constant updates with the new features
  • Friendly and active support team


  • Offers unlimited booking feature
  • Free option to design your form according to your site design
  • 15+ tools


  • Limited features in the free version


The plugin has a free as well as a paid version. It costs you $99 per year, up to $299 for the features you select to integrate on your website.



Simply Schedule Appointments is a suitable plugin for all WordPress website owners who want to build easy-to-use booking and appointment forms on their websites.


Get Simply Schedule Appointments

10. Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking

Appointment Hour Booking is a WordPress booking plugin with free and paid versions. The plugin is built for creating booking forms with a start time and a defined duration over a schedule.  The plugin allows you to select a visual time from the start times calculated on open hours and service duration. It is a helpful plugin for businesses like medical services, personal training sessions, booking rooms for events, reserving language classes, and such.


The plugin offers multiple calendars with a different services, duration, and pricing. You can preset your working hours so the end users know when you’re available to make their appointment.


It integrates with popular payment gateways like PayPal and Stripe. The premium version of Appointment Hour Booking offers multiple addons and 3rd party platform integrations to extend the features and functions.



  • Easy visual configuration of calendar schedules
  • Supports restriction of dates
  • Defines open hours
  • Multiple services offered
  • Automatically manages the available time to avoid double booking
  • Automatic price calculation
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Manual and automated CSV reports
  • Multi-page calendars
  • Blocks for Elementor and Gutenberg


  • Beautiful visual configuration
  • Exclusively set your business recommendations
  • Multiple add-ons to connect with 3rd party services


  • Multiple website usage is not available in any of the plans.


Appointment Hour Booking is a free plugin. It also offers a premium plan starting from $10 per month.



The plugin is suitable for business owners who need to integrate hourly bookings into their websites.


Get Appointment Hour Booking

11. Easy Appointments

Easy Appointments

Easy appointment is a free WordPress plugin designed to add booking appointment systems to your website and manage them with ease. The plugin is highly flexible and offers time management. It provides functionalities like multiple locations, services, and workers. It is the suit for websites owned by lawyers, salons, micromechanics, cleaning services, doctors, spas, and personal trainers.


You can create a dedicated calendar using the plugin. It offers multiple time slots with an extra timetable. Upon booking, it sends an email notification to the customer on the creation and update of the appointment.


Like the name suggests, Easy Appointment is easy to use. It also offers robust functionality for your business needs and regulations. The plugin is translation ready but is also available in 5+ languages.



  • Setup multiple locations, services, and workers
  • Option to recreate slots by connecting them
  • Extremely flexible timetable
  • Automated email notifications
  • Custom content and subject
  • Includes any information from booking inside email content
  • opportunity to create your custom field in a few clicks
  • Multiple payment gateways


  • Flexible and extensible in the free version too
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Offers quick booking solutions


  • It might be too simple or basic for some of us


Easy Appointments is a free plugin available in the WordPress repository. However, it also has a premium version costing over $39 per year.



It is the best solution for business owners creating simple booking and appointment forms. It is the quickest solution to add online booking on the website.

Get Easy Appointments

12. WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is the plugin for you if you’re searching for a simple and quick solution for a booking and appointment form on your website. It offers a quick and straightforward solution. This plugin can be an ideal choice for sites like apartments or rooms you rent.


The plugin is simple and basic but powerful enough to cover the essentials. It also offers a premium version with an extended set of features. Using the plugin, you can create any booking and reservation. All you have to do is just a few clicks to check the availability of your service. This also helps you save time by contacting them and picking the period.


WP Simple Booking Calendar comes in handy. You can install and embed the booking calendar on your website in a few minutes. Thanks to the latest updates, it is even more accessible than ever. The plugin offers complete control over the customization.



  • Option to create one calendar
  • Simple, user-friendly interface
  • Responsive calendar layouts
  • Option to add and save booking information for each day and each of your booking calendars
  • Translation ready
  • Offers backup and restoration of data
  • Syncing with other third parties like Airbnb,, and other sites
  • Bulk editor: editing multiple dates in one click
  • Variety of language preferences that are simple to use
  • Generation of shortcodes to display a calendar on a page or a post.


  • Very simple and quick to integrate
  • Offers multiple payment gateways


  • Free version allows only one calendar creation


WP Simple Booking Calendar is a free WordPress plugin available on the repository. The plugin has premium plans like persona, business, and developer costing $39, $69, and $139 per year.



The plugin is the best solution for businesses looking for a simple and quick solution. It allows you to create one calendar with the free version, which might be more than enough for some companies.


Get WP Simple Booking Calendar



This wraps up our list of the top 12 best WordPress booking appointment plugins. Most of the plugins mentioned in the list have a free and paid version. You have the flexibility to try out the free version and gradually move to the paid one.


In the era of technology, your business demands more than just a call and confirmation for appointments and booking. Creating booking and appointment forms on your website is a new way to attract customers and simplify the process! This article discussed WordPress booking and appointment plugins, why you might need them, the key features to look out for when selecting the one for your website, and a list of the top 12 to select from. Thousands of businesses have used these plugins to create a beautiful and responsive booking and appointment forms on their website. You might miss out on many things by not having a website that can take bookings and reservations from your customers. Not only does it simplify the job for your customers, but you can also save time by attending calls for each reservation.


What do you think of these plugins? Which plugin are you using on your website to create booking and reservation forms? Are you missing out on a great plugin? Do let us know!


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