Slowly and steadily we are inching towards the holiday season, and soon the festive spirit of Christmas will be upon us. With the advent of technology and digital marketing having a major impact on consumer behaviour, the Internet has brought about a revolution with e-commerce platforms, email marketing, mobile applications, etc. thus making marketing and sales much more accessible for businesses.

To help you capitalise upon the holiday season, we have compiled for you 15 Christmas marketing ideas that will help you in boosting your sales this year, especially under the shadow of a pandemic.

Christmas Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Sales

  1. Create Seasonal Google Ads Campaigns: Owing to the fact that Google is the most popular search engine out there, and most accessible for people when they are on the lookout for things, capitalising on Google ads is a great idea. Creating seasonal Google ads campaigns will help you in making sure that you rank higher in searches.
  2. Gift Yourself with Some Shopping Campaigns: Creating a Google shopping campaign, is one of the best ways to get attention from holiday shoppers online who are generally very busy. Since it is extremely convenient for them to browse through these, a lot of time they end up making purchases almost immediately. The only thing, you need to make sure is that you have set your campaign properly and that you use professional images so that you can stand apart from your competition.
  3. Break into the Instagram Ads Game: The importance of Instagram ads for businesses is something that you can’t ignore. Already, people are in the festive mood and there’s a lot of holiday content floating around on Instagram, so you can easily break the monotony with a well-designed Instagram that is going to try people to your page and help you make sales.
  4. Run a Holiday Giveaway on Social: Another great way of making sure that you get the most out of your social media channels is running a giveaway for the holidays. Make sure that you are leveraging all the social media platforms that you have a presence on. Be it offering a great discount, or just having a free gift with your order, that songs in the holiday spirit and allows the new tactics of likes, followers, subscribers to make sure that people engage with your giveaway.
  5. Get Seasonal in Email: Email marketing has for long been a trusted method of marketing. So make sure that you are also capitalising on the holiday spirit with your emails. From the subject line to the theme, make it seasonal and make it urgent emphasising upon the great deals at your offering.
  6. Don’t Neglect Remarketing: When you know that there are shoppers who have a look at your website and had thought of buying something, but somehow did not end up – remarketing is almost essential in the holiday season. Getting to convert those potential buyers into actual buyers is something that the marketing can do, so sending in a little reminder about things that are waiting in their cart is a great idea.
  7. Get Creative with Video: One of the best ways, to convey a holiday message, is a video. Be it an invite that you can send out through emails or could be added on your customer page wishing all your customers. Get creative, be it via dress up or just a kooky message in general, the more unique it is the more it will pick up.
  8. Customise Your Packaging: Creating holiday packaging is a great way to appeal to customers and create a sense of personalised attention that appeals to their sensibilities. You can also offer special packaging options so that buyers who are buying gifts feel like they will do away with the hassle of re-packaging them.
  9. Host a Christmas Breakfast or Lunch: Even though this might seem like an expensive idea, what you need to do is segment your customers on the basis of the best leads that you have in your area. Inviting special customers for a day of fun with breakfast or lunch will help you in fostering strong relationships and getting you more traction.
  10. Create Festive & Entertaining Display Ads: The more entertaining your ad is the more chance it has to entice customers into making the purchases that you want them to make. Get into the entire holiday spirit and make sure that you pull out all stops into making a fun, lovable, entertaining holiday ad.
  11. Build Customer Loyalty with Personalized Gifts: Setting up small personalised gifts for your customers, helps in strengthening your relationship with them and build customer loyalty. Everyone likes personalized attention, hence capitalising on that to the holiday season will help you in gaining a wide, loyal customer base.
  12. Offer Free Shipping. Period.: This is almost non-negotiable, during the holiday season make sure that you are offering free shipping on all your orders, which is bound to make holiday shoppers visit your website and shop. A lot of times shipping fees that our customers from buying things so make sure you do away with it.
  13. Create a Sense of Urgency in Your Online Ads: Making it seem like the products with offers will not last long, is a tried and tested technique that pushes buyers into buying the products that you’re selling. Creating a sense of urgency is a great way to encourage customers to shop immediately.
  14. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Are Your Christmas Marketing Friends: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the greatest opportunities during the holiday season to increase your sales and also a market for the impending Christmas sale. Thus, make sure that you capitalize on these two events.
  15. Don’ Forget After Christmas: Just because Christmas has ended, that doesn’t mean that the cheer has ended too, you can always linger on and make sure that your inventory is almost exhausted. From that, sending out personalised thank you messages is also a great way to keep the attention.

There you have it, these are tried and tested marketing ideas that are bound to get you great sales during the times of this pandemic. Capitalising upon all the online options that you have is a great way to make sure that you are generating revenue this holiday season.

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