Whether you are looking to expand your business or start from scratch, the UK’s rising tech hotspot – Glasgow, is a great location for budding startups. By applying for business grants, you can avoid financial pitfalls and take advantage of the city’s thriving economy. In 2020-2021, over £1,333 million in government grants were awarded to emerging companies in Glasgow. Apply for as many Glasgow business grants as possible to expand quickly and make raising money from other sources easier. Check out the latest Glasgow city council grant list to see which grants can help your startup thrive.

Glasgow Green Deal Business Support

Eligibility Criteria

Glasgow’s Green Deal is a nine-year-long mission to reduce the city’s energy crisis and tackle climate change. The non-repayable Green Business grant offers up to £10,000 to help businesses reduce energy bills and work towards zero carbon emissions. For eligibility, your business must meet the following criteria:

  • Only available for small to mid-size enterprises(as per the Companies Act 2006).
  • Businesses with at least 6 months of trading history.
  • Businesses headquartered in Glasgow
  • Businesses with either their own premises in Glasgow city or written permission from the landlord to make necessary changes.
  • Businesses owned by other businesses with over 25% stake are not eligible.

Tip: Find out the full list of eligibility criteria here- Glasgow Green Deal Eligibility

How to Apply?

You can apply through the online application form before 30 June 2023, along with supporting documentation such as evidence of growth projections, quotes for work, corporate targets, and more.

Link to Apply: Apply Here

Glasgow City Council Tech Smart Rent Subsidy


The Glasgow city council tech grants are aimed at helping Glasgow tech business cover co-working space rental costs, paying up to 50% of the annual rent. Your business is eligible if:

  • It’s a small or midsize enterprise as per the Companies Act 2006
  • You have not signed any commercial lease agreement or have signed a lease of 12 weeks or less before applying for the grant
  • It’s a tech startup that designs, develops, or produces tech-driven solutions or products.
  • It has a co-working premise located within the Glasgow city boundary

How to Apply?

  • Eligible tech SMEs can apply through an online application form before 30’June’2023 with the following documents-
  • A 500-word business description covering product and business goals for the next one to two years
  • A 250-word(max) outline of how this co-working space and grant support will help your business.
  • A 250-word(max) proposal on your planned market square activities in each of the two years of this grant.

Link to Apply- Apply Here

Glasgow City Council Tech Smart Meetup Subsidy


Another Glasgow City Council grant aimed at tech SMEs will offer funds to organise tech community events in the city. You can claim 100% of the project costs to a maximum of £1000 in arrears for events such as catering, venue hire, etc. A business can apply for Tech Smart Meetup subsidy if:

  • It’s a tech start-up or SME as defined in the Companies Act 2006.
  • It can provide evidence of an upcoming/past event or activity, for example, invitations, venue hire details, etc.
  • It can provide proof of purchase such as bank statements, receipts, etc.
  • The event is organised within the Glasgow City boundary
  • There is a business bank account active
  • The event is free to attend


  • If applicants are undischarged bankrupts
  • If applicants are subject to insolvency proceedings
  • If the individual is under an arrangement with his or her creditors(like a trust deed)

How to Apply?

  • Eligible SMEs and tech start-ups can claim this Glasgow small business grant with an online application form, with the following details:
  • A detailed event outline explaining how your events help build the tech ecosystem
  • A detailed funding outline explaining how funds will be utilised, for instance, refreshments for attendees, venue rental, etc
  • A detailed breakdown of all costs involved in hosting your event
  • Support applications must be submitted no later than 20 working days before the date of the event.

Link to Apply- Apply Here


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