Sunderland, an emerging economic powerhouse in the North East of England, provides a fertile environment for businesses to thrive. Business grants from the Sunderland Council have played a crucial role in helping startups and established companies access the necessary financial support.

Every year Sunderland Council grants help and fund thousands of business ventures. By leveraging these grants, you can ease financial concerns and concentrate on taking full advantage of Sunderland’s burgeoning economy. To ensure your business reaches its full potential, explore the most recent grant opportunities from Sunderland City Council, and lay the foundation for success in this rapidly evolving commercial landscape.

Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund for Sunderland Businesses and Charities

Eligibility Criteria

The Local Authority Discretionary Grants Fund aims to provide a £2.4M boost to Sunderland businesses and registered charities that have been unable to access existing Government COVID-19 support packages. To be eligible, applicants must fall within one of the four categories prioritised by the Government:

  1. Small businesses in shared offices or flexible workspaces without individual business rates assessments.
  2.  Market traders with fixed property-related costs, such as rent.
  3. Bed & Breakfast establishments that pay Council Tax instead of business rates.
  4. Charity properties receiving charitable business rates relief, which would otherwise be eligible for Small Business Rates Relief or Rural Rate Relief.

Financial Support

Under the Discretionary Fund, eligible businesses and charities in Sunderland that have faced financial hardship due to the Coronavirus shutdown and have been unable to secure other COVID-19 grant funding can apply for support. Those meeting the eligibility criteria will be able to access a grant of up to £10,000.

How to Apply?

  1. Visit the Sunderland City Council website to review the full details of the Discretionary Fund scheme, including eligibility criteria:
  2. Apply online by completing the application form, which will prompt applicants for all required information. All applicants must demonstrate a loss of income related to COVID-19 as part of the application process.
  3. Small and micro businesses that do not meet the fund’s criteria and are unable to receive assistance from the Government’s other grants are encouraged to share details about the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on their operations with Sunderland City Council. Complete a short online form to assist the council in understanding other ways it can support organisations as they recover from the pandemic.

For more information on the Discretionary Fund scheme in Sunderland and full details of eligibility criteria, visit To access the online application form.


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