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£36,000 - £ 46,000

Degree in business, and marketing, experience in SEO and Working knowledge of Google Analytics.

4 Years

Full Time

We are looking for a senior SEO executive, who will assist the SEO team with the day-to-day handling of project management, with a focus on SEO campaigns, SEO content, and delivery. At our SEO agency Plymouth You will conduct research and develop project documentation and analysis, as well as execute SEO campaigns and interacte with clients and internal teams to ensure optimal project delivery. You will also be responsible for project management and SEO delivery.


Key Responsibilities:


  • Take responsibility for the project management and delivery of major SEO projects. 
  • Evaluate SEO project performance, schedules, and budgets and report to the account manager/director and the client on a regular basis.
  • Collaborate with cross-channel teams to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Assist the team with the day-to-day management of projects.
  • Carry out accurate reporting, analysis, research, and insights for existing projects as well as new business.
  • Conduct research and prepare project documentation, presentations, analysis, and reports.
  • Develop cost estimates, project schedules, budgets, and deadlines.
  • Manage internal project teams as well as third-party suppliers.
  • Perform account administration tasks as needed, such as taking notes, scheduling meetings, and creating agendas.
  • Take on ad hoc tasks as needed.


SEO Delivery:


  • Execute on-site and off-site SEO initiatives to boost performance and drive success in line with established KPIs.
  • Make recommendations for on-site and technical changes, as well as carry out updates to clients’ websites as needed.
  • Assist with website migrations from start to finish, including pre and post-website analysis, mapping, rule creation, and post-migration auditing.
  • Conduct extensive keyword research to determine the most successful and targeted keywords for each client’s SEO campaign.
  • Set up the best practices methodology in advance and ensure that it is applied to all campaigns.
  • Use a variety of analytical techniques to monitor competitor activity and profiles, and identify growth opportunities.
  • Conduct objective testing of SEO tools, resources, and strategies
  • Monitor client websites, SERPs, and analytics tools on a regular basis and recommend feedback on significant changes.




  • 1 – 3 years of expertise in an SEO digital marketing environment. 
  • Deep understanding of search marketing and the aspects that drive client websites, search profiles, and performance.
  • Basic HTML/CSS/Javascript or Jquery
  • Experience with SEO tools such as Screaming Frog, SEMrush, aHREFs, Brightedge, Linkdex, and Moz 
  • Basic knowledge of Google Tag Manager 
  • The ability to identify low-quality SEO practices such as link building or cloaking.
  • In-depth knowledge of technical SEO best practices such as HTML meta tags, URL structure, and markup for desktop and mobile search. 
  • Up-to-date knowledge of key search algorithms and Google best practises guidelines
  • Prior experience in developing organic search strategies, including site layout improvements, robots control, and
  • Knowledge of local SEO methods including Google Plus Local
  • Understanding of UX best practises principles and how they should be aligned with SEO recommendations

Apply for : Senior SEO Executive Plymouth Branch

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