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Head45 brings with it years of experience as a reliable and high-quality web designer in Manchester. Over this period, it has worked on hundreds of web design projects for businesses across the entire Greater Manchester area. In doing so, it has built an enviable reputation for itself as a premier design agency Manchester.


This has largely been possible due to its focus on an array of web development services, that include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and graphic design. Head45 continually works on ensuring that businesses appear at the top of search results for relevant searches performed by existing and potential customers. Since this invariably leads to higher sales, it ultimately proves to be a win-win situation for everyone.

How do I know if my business in Manchester needs a new website?

Design that is mobile unfriendly

A business website today simply cannot afford to have a mobile unfriendly design. After all, a large proportion of customers access business websites on their handheld devices such as mobile phones or tablets. In case of a mobile unfriendly design, a new website is highly recommended.

Poor design

Besides mobile unfriendliness, there are other situations where the overall design may be poor. For example, the choice of images may be terrible. The website layout and navigation could be rather shoddy. In all such cases, a new website design Manchester would be advised.

Frighteningly high bounce rate

When an exceedingly high number of customers visit business websites and then go away without making a purchase, that is a clear sign of a frighteningly high bounce rate. This is often because of poor design or SEO. Again, in such cases, availing the services of a graphic design agency Manchester like ours for a new website would be suggested.

Outdated Information

It is imperative for business websites to have crisp, up-to-date information. When that is not the case, a novel design may well be mandated, especially since old and outdated information is likely to appear on a website that has a dated design too.

The value we add to Manchester businesses with our services

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Appealing designs

Till we came to the fore, many businesses in Manchester had rather poorly designed websites. Given our lineage as a premier design agency Manchester, we are uniquely poised to offer appealing designs that are also in line with contemporary trends in this space.

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Regular updates

As a seasoned web designer in Manchester, we know that regular website updates are crucial for both human visitors as well as search engines. Accordingly, we work tirelessly to ensure all our website mandates have regular updates on them.

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Robust security

An insecure business website is a complete no-no. Whether it is customer data or sensitive business information, they should all be completely safe and secure at all times. Our web design agency Manchester specialises in website security.

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Options to choose from

Since customer preferences can vary considerably, we always offer a reasonable number of options to them from which they can choose comfortably. Instances include the layout, choice of colours, fonts, graphics, and more.

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Technological Edge

In Manchester, we offer comprehensive digital services encompassing Android Application Development, Aws Data Migration, and Laravel Development. With our cutting-edge technology solutions, we help your business stay competitive in the digital market landscape.

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Elevating Online Visibility

Optimise your digital presence with our SEO agency in Manchester. We specialise in creating search engine-optimised websites that not only look good but perform exceptionally well. Our focus is on enhancing your online visibility and propelling your site to the top of search engine results.

How much does Website designers Manchester cost?

No specific cost for web design in Manchester can be explicitly stated. An entire plethora of factors could play a part in determining the overall cost of availing the services of website designers Manchester. When you are out shopping for web design services Manchester, ask yourself questions like the following:

Aspects like the above are good pointers for determining web design costs in Manchester. With a reputable web designer Manchester like us, you can be assured of reasonable, transparent pricing with no hidden costs.

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