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Dragon Signs are industry expert, delivering impeccable signage solutions. They are known for their top-class service and dedicated team of industry experts that always ensures the expectation of their clients are met with quality, on-time deliveries. However, when we came in contact with them, they were not satisfied with the traffic on their website and the leads that were coming through the digital platform. That is where we came in. We believed that the advantage of their impeccable signage services should reach the maximum number of consumers. So we worked together to provide an additional boost to their business by enhancing their digital presence and helping them connect with potential customers.

The Goals We Were Aiming For

Dragon Signs wanted to attract more users to their website and convert them into customers. We used innovative, Whitehat techniques to help them reach their business goals.

Dragon Signs collaborated with us to enhance their online visibility and thereby, improve their conversion ratio by leveraging the increased traffic. Our full SEO services that we have offered to reach the target are full on-page and optimisation. The list of objectives included:

  • Targeting location-specific keywords
  • Improve the ranking of targeted keywords
  • Increase website traffic through organic search
  • Convert a higher number of visitors into customers

Our Game Plan to Achieve Those Goals

Once we clearly established what the folks at Dragon Signs wanted us to do, we went on devise a customised strategy that would help meet their business goals. It included the following processes:

Keyword Research: Checking for the right keywords that people are actually searching for is extremely vital to achieving top positions in SERPs and thereby gaining higher traffic. Citing the nature of their business and their requirements, we prepared a list of location-specific keywords that would help Dragon Signs maximise their online visibility.

Content Optimisation: We created and optimised the content on the landing pages, guided by targeted keywords, internal link-building and other essential optimisation techniques.

Local SEO: Since we were targeting location-specific keywords, local SEO was a vital part of our strategy for Dragon Signs. We optimised their GMB profile, map listings, etc., so that it became easy for potential customers at different locations to find them.

Local Link Building: We effectively improved the quality and quantity of backlinks by getting relevant and trustworthy local websites to point to their website.

Various Keywords at the Coveted #1 Position on Google

Achieving the #1 position on Google is certainly not a walk in the park. It requires an impeccable strategy and consistent efforts. Our dedicated and talented team achieved the #1 position for numerous keywords. It significantly helped Dragon Signs to achieve their business goals.

Keyword at 1 Position of Dragon Sign
Keyword at 1 Position of Dragon Sign
Keyword at 1 Position of Dragon Sign

More Than 2X Increase in Organic Traffic

Since there was a myriad of keywords ranking in the 1st position, a substantial increase was seen in their organic traffic. As seen below, it increased by as much as 120% since we started working with them.

Organic Traffic Increase of Perfect Smile Dental

A 306.70% Increase in Page Views

Before we collaborated with Dragon Signs, not many people visited their landing pages. However, with regular optimisation over a period of time, backed by a well-thought-out action plan, we were able to improve significantly their page quality. As an outcome of our persistent efforts, their page views increased by a staggering 306.70%.

Behavior Flow (Overview Data)

Page Views of Dragon Sign

A Growth of 121% in Country-Specific Traffic

Merely gaining a significant amount of traffic does not translate to higher conversion rates. To generate relevant and quality leads, it is crucial to gain maximum traffic from the targeted location. For Dragon Signs, we were able to achieve an improvement of 121% in traffic from their targeted country.
Country-Specific Traffic of Dragon Sign

SEMRush Growth Report

Organic Traffic at Its All-Time High

The image below is an excerpt from the SEMRush tool. It further clarifies the extent of the traffic growth we were able to achieve for them. It can be seen that the business traffic is at its peak, which brought a smile of satisfaction to the faces of folks at Dragon Signs.
Organic Traffic of Dragon Sign

From 0 to 230 – An Astounding Growth in No. of Keywords Ranking on Google

With Dragon Signs, we started from the ground up to build a strong online presence. The video here depicts our journey from how we started with a fresh list of keywords to target to having 230 keywords currently ranking on Google. This has led to considerable organic traffic growth, with the conversion rates also reaching an all-time high.
No. of Keywords Ranking on Google of Dragon Sign

A High Conversion Ratio is a Great Sign

A personalised action plan and strategic improvements led to substantial gains for Dragon Signs. Their willingness to implement our recommendations helped them unlock the power of organic search. Ultimately, being pushed into some of the most desirable spots in search, helped them get quality leads and subsequently higher conversion rates.

Want to see your business thrive as Dragon Signs’ did? Reach out to us today, and we will be more than happy to discuss your digital marketing requirements.

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