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A to E Training & Solutions Ltd was created by three health care professionals (a nurse, a paramedic, and a doctor) who noticed a need in the provision of emergency life support and medical crises training in the healthcare industry.

They offer emergency life support infrastructure and a variety of training programmes to NHS hospitals, private clinics, and general and dental practitioners throughout the UK.




PHP, Apache 2, MySQL, WordPress, Elementor Pro, Git

Services Provided:

UI/UX | Web Development

Full Responsive

a to e full responsive

Website Design & Branding

Due to the distinctive user interface of the website, using editors such as Elementor to construct the pages was a particularly difficult task. We were required to find another option, and we settled on the accessplanit integrated integration since it would speed up the booking and payment processes while satisfying the requirements of the customers.

Website Smart Features

Visitors to the website have access to buy courses and goods around the clock, thanks to the real-time integration of booking and payment that was made possible by the accessplanit platform. The hemberg menu also contributed to the website’s streamlined appearance.

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Data-Driven Design

Creating a pleasant user experience (UX), while leads to more website traffic and online conversions.

Elementor Pro

Custom theme builder for impressive layouts of the pages, and unique structures for the site. 

Custom Booking Scheduler

24/7 availability, easy to use not only to gain productivity but also to satisfy customer satisfaction.

Accessplanit Integration

Seamlessly connecting payments directly from the website with all booking information added to the accessplanit platform. 


Inner Pages

Visual Design

Final Layout

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