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About Complete Smiles

Complete Smiles provides complete dental care services in North West London, ranging from basic examination to tooth implants and cosmetic dentistry. Principal Dentist Malavi Siva, who has already established a stellar reputation in the Harrow region, manages the private clinic.

Complete Smiles is open seven days a week and provides cosmetic and restorative operations that are affordable for all budgets thanks to the interest-free financing programmes that are offered at 0%.




PHP, Apache 2, MySQL, WordPress, Elementor Pro, Git Lab

Services Provided:

Branding | Signage | UI/UX | Web Development

Full Responsive

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Website Design & Branding

In both Norway and the United Kingdom, data about medical treatment are subject to very stringent regulations. The challenge was to go through each and every protocol to make online booking sync in real-time with the client’s clinic location and to make it easy for the staff to easily identify the bookings.

Website Smart Features

Booking function that notifies the appropriate dentist about the particular treatment to be performed. Infographics and smart icons were developed to provide the most helpful representation possible of the treatment and services offered to website users.

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Custom WordPress Theme

Executing exact design with uniformity with faster load times to stand out from the competition.

Elementor Pro

Design pages, posts, and other content types as envisioned with animations and a simple interface.

Smart Icons

Reinforcing icon messages to increase user engagement on all the pages of the website.

Custom Appointment Scheduling

For improved operational efficiency and multi-channel personalised experience.

Inner Pages

Visual Design

Final Layout

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