About Divo Interiors



About Divo Interiors

Divo Interiors specialises in office refurbishments in London in addition to fitouts, and have successfully completed a large number of projects ranging from simple makeovers to intricate interiors.

With over 25 years of experience in the design, fit & refurbishment, Divo Interiors continues to provide future-proof solutions to small &medium-sized businesses, retail outlets, schools, healthcare infrastructure etc with its office design contractors and experts by including elements of adaptability and sustainability.




PHP, Apache 2, MySQL, WordPress

Services Provided:

Branding | Google Ads | Instagram | SEO | UI/UX | Web Development

Full Responsive


Website Design & Branding

The challenge consisted of a significant change in design when developing a bespoke theme for the client, and based on the business requirements. The Frequently Asked Questions page was built dynamically so that it can be changed and updated directly from the administration panel.

Website Smart Features

The redesign and optimisation of the website for the visitors proved to be effective to draw in new leads. When coupled with a user-friendly content management system (CMS), a website has a clean interface for easy navigation and displaying the most important information for users for contacting and booking. 

over the year

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Intuitive Redesign

To improve user experience, brand experience and most importantly increase sales and conversions.

SEO Strategy

To get more targeted traffic from organic search engines from simple browsing and navigation.

Dynamic FAQ Page

To refine the knowledge base and personalise the customer’s journey in easy steps.

User-Friendly CMS

Easy for non-technical staff with extendable functionality with ease of maintenance including updates

Inner Pages

Visual Design

Final Layout

Boost your conversion rate

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