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About Price My Waste ​

Price My Waste is a unique and convenient online platform that streamlines the waste management services in the UK. This intuitive platform allows users to compare prices of various waste management services based on their location and type of waste.

The process is simple - users choose their waste type, bin size, and desired collection frequency, and the platform provides a list of services in the area for users to compare and choose from.


Waste Management


Node JS, Angular JS, Vtiger CRM

Services Provided:

UI/UX | Web Development

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User Experience and Data Management

Creating a platform that efficiently lists a multitude of waste management services while keeping the user interface easy and efficient presented a significant challenge. Further, the platform needed to allow for real-time updates for waste collection and the integration of multifaceted data within an on-demand website.

Website Smart Features

Several smart features were integrated into Price My Waste to address the project’s challenges. An easy-to-use dashboard was developed for users to manage data and invoices in one place. Real-time updates ensure users stay informed about their collections. Instant quotes provide users with the best prices for each service.

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User-friendly Interface

Intuitive and streamlined platform for easy service comparison.

Real-time Price Comparison

Instant quotes for cost-effective service selection.

Comprehensive Dashboard

One-stop solution for managing data and invoices.

Real-time Updates

Timely information about waste collection and management procedures.

Inner Pages

Visual Design

Final Layout

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