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The Royal Mint, established over 1100 years ago, is the country's official mint and the oldest corporation still in operation in the United Kingdom. The Royal Mint Limited is completely owned by His Majesty's Treasury and has an exclusive contract to provide the nation's currency.


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Hindu Lord Gold Coin Bar

Diwali Campaign 2022

Laxmi, Ganesh, OM
Hindu God Gold Coin Bar

With gold being a customary and auspicious gift during the Diwali festival, The Royal Mint wanted to design a product that integrated both elegance and tradition. The Royal Mint’s designer, Emma Noble, collaborated closely with Head45’s own Nilesh Kabaria to release gold bullion bars which, for the first time ever, depicting the Hindu deities Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth), Lord Ganesha (the God of the Removal of Obstacles), and the revered spiritual symbol OM. 


The gold bars are available for purchase on the Royal Mint’s website and bear the Om sign on their gift packaging. The bullion bar designs depicting Lakshmi, Ganesh, and Om have already gained tremendous popularity and have shown to be great presents for any important hindu event.

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Lord Ganesha

Limited-edition design depicting Lord Ganesh, the Hindu god of luck and new beginnings. Buy Ganesha Bar Online.

Goddess Laxmi

Coin design featuring a fresh and original take on the Hindu goddess Lakshmi of wealth and good fortune. Buy Laxmi Bar Online.


Universally revered symbol Om 1g Gold Bullion Minted Bar, wrapped in an eye-catching henna-patterned sleeve. Buy Om Bar Online.

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