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About The Colour Palette Salon

The Colour Palette Salon is a premium hair, beauty, and nail salon t that also provides laser hair removal services and is located in the centre of Crowthorne in the county of Berkshire.

The salon is regarded as a trendsetter in the industry of hair and beauty salons. It has been featured in a variety of periodicals published in the UK and has influenced a great number of individuals who have entered the health & wellness sector.




PHP, Apache 2, MySQL, WordPress, private GitHub

Services Provided:

Branding | Content | Social Media Ads | UI/UX | Web Development

Full Responsive

Website Design & Branding

In collaboration with visual and web designers, we had to devise a new theme to enhance the development process. They had to work with the client’s marketing and branding team to develop the design requirements from a visual concept.

Website Smart Features

The existing website of the client was given an upgrade by Head 45 in terms of design, user experience, and simplicity of maintenance. In addition to this, we began providing assistance for the website by engaging in a broad variety of digital marketing activities.

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Custom Theme Development

Increasing brand recognition while maintaining security and safety considerations via an easy interface.

Data-Driven Optimisation

Utilising data-driven analytics, determine and improve the website’s most crucial pages.

Blog Content

To improve trust, boost organic internet traffic, and promote brand exposure.

Contact Form

Improve lead conversion and make it easier for readers and consumers to contact the services.

Inner Pages

Visual Design

Final Layout

Boost your conversion rate

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