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Located in Cardiff, The House of Human Potential offers a wide array of services aimed at nurturing the human body, mind, and soul. A team of practitioners, therapists, and human potential advocates work synergistically to deliver health-enhancing and life-changing services.

Their offerings span spinal health care, personal training, osteogenic loading, massage, red light therapy, oxygen therapy, bio charging, and an array of educational resources like in-house health talks and rental spaces for seminars. They also house a Spinology School.


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UI/UX | Web Development

Full Responsive

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User Interface and Experience

The client had specific aesthetic requirements, such as incorporating butterfly imagery throughout the site design and using a unique colour palette of gold and green shades. Crafting a user interface that tastefully blended these elements presented a unique challenge.

Website Smart Features

To meet the client’s requirements, several smart features were integrated into the site. This includes smooth scrolling for an improved user experience, clear call-to-action (CTA) elements for enhanced user engagement, and a simplified admin panel CMS that allows even non-technical staff to make content and image updates seamlessly.

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Smooth Scrolling

Enhances website navigation, providing an improved user experience.

Easy Admin Panel CMS

Allows non-technical individuals to modify site content and images with ease.

Online Appointment Booking

Convenient and easy-to-use feature to book appointments directly from the website.

Event Booking

Allows users to book seminars and other events offered by The House of Human Potential.

Inner Pages

Visual Design

Final Layout

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