While working with our digital marketing clients, we need to go through a ton of information to ensure we’re able to provide them with the best possible services. However, this often comes with the requirement of accessing their personal information via their login details. This step may seem a little unorthodox to some of our new clients.

What Logins Are Necessary To Begin Your Marketing Campaigns?

To help you understand our need for your login information, we’ve prepared this detailed document explaining what we do with your information and how to get these login details. Let’s begin with the most crucial ones.


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools in digital marketing today. It collects some of the most important information about your website, such as the type of traffic you’re getting, where it’s coming from, and several other details. These help us understand the progress of our work and improve upon it to deliver nothing short of perfection.

To have constant access to the information we require, we will need you to grant us administrator privileges for your Google Analytics system. Without this access, we wouldn’t be able to start working for you, as Google Analytics helps us ensure that the traffic we drive to your website actually benefits your business with lead conversions.

Details We Need

We need you to add our email address to your Google Analytics account as a user with administrator permissions. If you had someone else set up Google Analytics on your website, we would have to reach out to them to get said access. Moreover, you can also share your Google login information with us, and we will grant ourselves access without worrying you for anything.

WordPress or Website CMS Access

Access to your website is another requirement for us to start providing you with our services. This applies even in the case of social media advertising, where we would need to add cookies to your website that would track user visits and show them relevant ads on social media.
This access only gets more important for our other services where they would need access to add content, website objects, or even perform tweaks. This is another case where we would require administrator permissions to ensure that permissions don’t get in the way of our services.

Details We Need

We need your website’s CMS login details to grant ourselves this access. You can easily get it from [yourdomain]/wp-admin if your website was built with the help of WordPress. However, in most cases, you would likely need to get the information from the team that built your website. If you prefer, you can provide us with their contact information, and we will get this sorted.

FTP Server

Your FTP Server will allow us to make more changes to your website by directly accessing most files and making changes to them. Your CMS may not allow certain other changes that our web developers may need to perform, and as such, we will need to access your FTP server for them.

Details We Need

For accessing your FTP server, we would need your FTP Host (usually found at ftp.[yourdomain], the username, password, and port. If you aren’t aware of these details, the team that built your website would certainly have them. You can ask them for the details, or if you’d like, then we will do it for you.

Server Access

When working on your website, we would need the login details for your web server itself. This is usually granted via the web hosting control panel of your website. In most cases, your control panel is likely to be Cpanel or Plesk.

Details We Need

For gaining access to your server, we would require your username, password, and the URL of the login page. If you don’t have this information, you can get the same from your web hosting company or the team that built your website.

Domain Registrar

Your website domain doesn’t always get registered with the same company that hosts it. In most cases, your domain registrar is likely to be GoDaddy. However, if you have a different domain registrar, finding it out is easy via Whois Domain Lookup. We need the login information for your registrar in cases where we are working on your website, as it could involve changes to your DNS records.

Details We Need

We would need the username and password of your account with your domain registrar. If you cannot access this information, the team that built your website will surely have it stored.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool by Google that reports information about your website’s performance in Google Searches. It tells our SEO team what needs to be worked on and what’s already working well. Moreover, with this tool, we will be able to show you instant results via Google’s reports.

Details We Need

We need you to add our email address to your Google Search Console account. If you have worked with a digital marketing agency in the past, then they are likely to have this information. However, if you don’t have a Google Search Console account set up, we would be glad to do it for you.

Google My Business

If your business shows up on Google Maps, then you already have a Google My Business page. This is a free service from Google to Business Owners that works very similar to a Yelp profile. Users can search for your business and even give you reviews here. As you may already see, it is an unmatched tool for promoting your business to a local audience with a high conversion rate.

Details We Need

To gain access to your Google My Business page, we don’t need your Google login credentials. Instead, the tool allows you to add other Google users as business owners or managers. In our case, we need you to add our email address as the owner of your business profile, as this will give us access that won’t hinder our productivity.

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In Conclusion

Getting access to the above information is crucial to our spectacular services. The sooner we are able to get the required access, the sooner we will be able to work on your case and show you significant results. If you cannot access any of the above information, please feel free to get in touch with us, and we will assist you in getting a hold of it as soon as possible.

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