SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is vital for any business today. With the rampant increase in online business, the competition is fierce and even a small slip can cause things to plummet.

SEO is a necessary evil and can take up a lot of your time. To be able to manage your business smoothly, you will have to hire someone for the job or outsource it to an agency. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the answer lies in combining both.

Hiring an in-house team has many advantages. They understand your core values and your business thoroughly, which is projected in their campaigns. When you hire staff for SEO, they must be highly skilled and must be able to cope with the changes happening. They blend with your business values. However, when they start working for you, they need to be trained on a regular basis as they lose the ability to think out of the box because of the set ways of doing business in your organisation. Moreover, they deal only with your business and don’t have the opportunity to explore.

Outsourcing Agencies on the other hand are result-driven. They have vast exposure to the continuous changes happening in the market. So you get a professional team at your disposal for a much lesser cost and get better results. Agencies are bound to their clients and are dedicated because they have to build business relationships on trust. However, they find it difficult to blend your company’s values as they remain outsiders.

The best solution is to get the best of both worlds. Your in-house SEO team should work with the agency providing SEO services, to ensure that your core values, which build trust amongst your customers, is not lost. This maintains a balance and keeps your brand strong and sustainable.

Making a mark online is extremely important. The tools to do this, is no real secret. It is all about how we use these tools and build a strategy to stay strong and sustain our Business, in the severe competition we face today!

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