SEO is dynamic. The world of google no longer revolves around keyword volume and traditional link-building tactics. The secret to success is understanding the need of users as Google will focus more on the needs of users and make them stay on your website. Language, meaning, and context will be more prioritised by search engines.


The Future of SEO in 2023 will involve   which is the study of words and their relationship. It will be human-centric (focusing on human behaviour) and mobile optimisation for a satisfactory user experience. Data-driven SEO will integrate machine learning and statistical data. The top 4 SEO forecasts for 2023 so you can be prepared for what’s to come.


4 SEO Predictions to Help you take Your Success to the Next Level

The ability to forecast elements in SEO is extremely valuable. This is one of the factors that allows SEOs to provide realistic estimates for our own use as well as for clients and managers who need this information to prioritise and invest in SEO actions. Take Note of these 4 SEO trends to optimise your strategy for 2023 where it’s an era of voice search and visual search, with reviews influencing purchase decisions.

Voice search is one significant trend that experts believe will continue to gain ground in the upcoming year. Over time, users are adapting more towards smart speakers and voice search in their day-to-day life. Voice search is easily performed with the help of following devices like Amazon Echo, and Google Nest Home. We also use smartphones, smartwatches and virtual assistants such as Siri, and Google Assistant to perform voice searches excessively.

It is more convenient to use Alexa and Google to search for something than to type it into a search engine. According to a recent survey, voice search is more convenient for 71% of users than typing. As a result, it is critical for website content to be voice search friendly. Whether you are a novice or a veteran, there is no time like the present to learn how to optimise your website for voice. It is advisable to use natural, conversational language with “long-tail” keywords for google to crawl your content easily. Longer keywords or specific keyword phrases that the user usually searches with while placing an order or when using voice search. Consequently, your website will rank higher for voice search queries.

Voice Search

The dominance of visual search, a type of search where users use a picture as their search query rather than a text-based one, is another significant trend that is expected to continue in 2023. The adoption of powerful visual search technologies like Google Lens and Pinterest Lens makes this possible.


With these tools, users only need to aim their smartphone camera at an object to obtain results about it, such as related products, details about the product, and information about where to buy it. For people who know what they want but don’t know the product’s name or where to locate it, this is a convenient way of shopping.


As the popularity of visual search increases tremendously, We need to optimise content and images for this type of search. That needs to use high-quality, relevant images that are SEO-friendly. It makes it essential to add captions and tag relevant keywords to the image, using Alt text for them to be easily found by visual search engines. Search engines understand what an image is all about with the help of alt text and index it accordingly.
Visual Search

User Experience (UX)

The importance of User Experience in SEO has always been significant, but in 2023, it is expected to increase even more. Google’s ranking algorithm now incorporates ‘page experience’ cues beginning in May 2021. The existence of a secure SSL certificate, mobile friendliness, secure surfing, visual stability (no unwanted pop-ups), and lightning-fast site performance are a few examples of these indications. The goal of Google is to create a pleasant user experience, which is made possible by all of these elements.


To make your website mobile-friendly, use responsive design, which automatically adapts the layout of your website to suit the layout of the device being used, and AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), a Google-backed project that attempts to enhance the speed and performance of mobile pages.

User Experience

Reviews Based Content

Customer reviews provide multiple advantages, including the creation of fresh and original content that boosts SEO and establishes trustworthiness with future customers. In fact, after reading a reliable review, 92% of B2B customers are more inclined to make a buy. Having reviews easily accessible demonstrates your steadiness and trustworthiness. By prominently featuring reviews on your website, you’re not only giving prospective customers relevant information but also boosting the quantity and quality of your site’s content, both of which can help you rank better in search engine results pages. In order to give its consumers the greatest experience, Google ultimately aims to show the most reliable search results.

Reviews Based ContentBe aware of the constantly evolving trends in how Google ranks websites. Keep up with the changes and modify your SEO approach as necessary to stay ahead of the curve.

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