We wanted to know what the web world is saying about SEO vs. PPC. What is insider news, and what are things that you might not read or hear even after searching for hours? Fortunately, with the Frase.io tool, I was able to observe what the prominent blogs talking about this are saying. The discussion on SEO vs. PPC is an amazing one; let’s see.


Using the Frase Content Brief Tool

I used the Frase’s content brief tool to create a draft for the article, and these are the top results from the brief and what I had to say about this debate.

  • Which Generates The Highest Return?

The PPC Protect article said that both PPC and SEO are great ways to generate traffic. In the blog, the author attempts to evaluate which is better and which drives more valuable traffic.

  • Which is Superior Over Time?

This article by Search Engine Journal also opinionated that both PPC and SEO are exponentially valuable. Through this article, the authors aim to find the advantages of both and know which is better in the long term.

  • Which is More Advantageous For You and Your Business?

Published on CognitiveSEO, this article first reiterates that questions are always raised about PPC and SEO’s competence. Marketers wish to know their pros and cons and, more importantly, which is better. The article provides the answer.

  • Which Should You Use?

Ahrefs starts with a single statement, saying SEO and PPC are not mutually exclusive. This means that there are similarities between the two marketing strategies. The article explores them.

  • Google Ads

The Google Ads article first discusses whether Google Ads supports SEO and then helps the readers decide about investing in SEO or PPC.

  • Which is More Advantageous for Your Company?

This article by TheEDigital mentions the pros and cons of SEO and PPC and allows the readers to make an informed decision about their choice between the two.

  • Which Digital Marketing Strategy Is Best?

WhiteHat SEO says that the distinction between two and identifying them is complex. But they have explained the process to figure out which is the best marketing strategy in this article.

  • Which Services Sell Best: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, or Social Media Marketing?

Alex Tachalova shares insights on the impact of four digital marketing strategies, SEO, PPC, SMM, and Content, in this article. She explains, through the article, that marketers should sell their services to the people who actually want to buy.

  • Which One is Better?

Interactive Schools talks about SEO and PPC, two methods that people employ for content and marketing. The purpose is to drive better reach for the website and enhance its online presence.

  • Choosing the Best for Your Website

Entrepreneurs keep the discussion simple by saying that the choice between SEO and PPC will depend on your budget. Plus, it will also rely on how fast you want to build traffic.

  • Which One Works Better?

Social Media Today has published an infographic saying that companies need exposure in search engines, and for this, they turn to SEO or PPC. Through the infographic, they have demonstrated which one is better.

  • What’s The Difference?

Thomas Net talks about the most common acronyms involved in marketing, including SEO, SEM, and PPC. This article is written for manufacturers and explains the differences and how they can help the former with marketing.

  • Friends with Benefits

Econsultancy shares that several experts have tried to compare PPC and SEO to identify the best search engine marketing discipline. They have discussed the merits, advantages, and disadvantages of both fields, and the article further explains which one is providing better results.

  • Which is Better to Maximise Your Search ROI

Terakeet compares SEO and PPC and has built a comprehensive guide for the readers. They have compared the pros and cons of SEO and PPC while figuring out which one provides the maximum ROI.

  • Organic SEO or PPC? What’s Best for Marketing?

The SME Magazine has written a comparative analysis on the differences between SEO and PPC while examining which serves the best interests of a law firm.


Excerpts and Major Highlights

This section shares snippets from the top-ranking articles helping us get some insights into the main topic.


  • When preparing for a Kickstarter campaign, SEO might not be the best choice. In these cases, PPC can have a better outcome.
  • For a website to perform well, irrespective of which marketing you are using, it needs to do good by the critical elements. This includes checking the poor landing pages, removing 404 error pages, fixing broken links, etc. You don’t want to run a confusing website.
  • Another element to look after is target keywords. It is essential to determine the competitiveness of the SERPs for the target keywords. To identify the right keywords, you need to enter them into Google External Keyword Research Tool, it will help estimate the competition level. Plus, you will know the number of advertisers bidding on the same keyword and the average CPC (cost per click).
  • For SEO to be successful, you need to complement it with quality content. SEO is like planting the seed in a forest and having the patience to see the outcome. For speeding up the process, you need to add quality keywords and content.
  • Good content is also crucial for improving brand awareness. As most people search on the web to gain information before purchasing something, they will also look at the reviews and guiding material. So, if you want to leverage this habit of the user, it is essential to add informational content as it helps get a higher rank.
  • Some SEO experts are blatantly saying that PPC and SEM cost way more than SEO does and that they are less efficient. But this is not true because if you set up the right PPC campaign it can bring effective results to the website and promote it really well.
  • The PPC form of marketing is a great way to get instant results from the target audience and visitors. Setting up the PPC campaign will take only minutes and it can bring immediate results. However, if you want to enjoy sustainable results, it is essential to plan the PPC campaign further and put in some extra effort.
  • Have you ever seen sponsored results in SERPs or sponsored posts on Facebook, Instagram, etc.? These sponsored results are special opportunities offered by different platforms and websites. Displaying ads on them is called display advertising, and they can have a mix of images, videos, and content.


Statistics about SEO and PPC you Should Know


  • Search Engine Journal quoted a study published in 2014 by Conductor. It says that organic search gets 64% of all the website traffic and paid advertising gets only 6%.
  • The topmost organic results have the potential to bring more than 25% of the organic searches for a keyword. But paid ads only attract 2% to 3% of the organic traffic. Cognitive SEO also finds that an increase of 1% in CTR can become a game changer for a business.
  • People setting up PPC campaigns without professional help might end up wasting money. One of the reasons for this is they don’t set any negative words. This loss figure can go as high as 75% if you are following the wrong approaches.
  • By spending just 25% of the marketing budget on SEO in 10 years, businesses will end up with an amazon authority website with thousands of useful articles.
  • Ahrefs finds that only 5.7% of the pages get a place in the top 10 ranks. But these lucky domains take two to six months to rank in the top 10.
  • 50% of the search engine traffic clicks on the top three sponsored links. This means that the right PPC campaigns and approaches will put you right in the crosshairs of your target audience.
  • Social Media Today finds that 82% of marketers report that SEO is becoming more effective.



Both SEO and PPC are effective marketing methods, but their success depends on the right usage. Marketers need to first understand and identify the marketing goals before creating and implementing strategies.


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