A fresh look to bring in new customers

Head45 knows how powerful good design can be, and how it can revolutionise the way people see your goods and services. Cardiff is a bright and strikingly visual city. If you want to be part of your customers’ stories, you need to be just as striking.

What could Head45’s Graphic Design Team do for You? We could:

  1. Increase your content’s readability, and draw the reader’s eye to key information quickly.
  2. Communicate your story quickly, often before a word is even read.
  3. Establish credibility, communicating that you care about your brand and what people think.

Head45’s graphic design heroes could give your brand a whole new lease on life – without changing a word of your copy.

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Why should I Spend Money on a Bunch of Shapes and Colours?

People have been visual creatures for millions of years, far longer than writing has even existed. Graphics communicates your brand and what makes it special on a deep, almost instinctual level. As a result, you’ll have gotten most of your message across the instant they see the page. No other tool can do that.

Head45 can craft visual design elements that are more than unique, they will epitomise your brand itself, and quickly became a part of it. After all, the ‘swoop’ doesn’t actually say ‘Nike’, but it conveys the entire brand story.


Graphic design is everywhere.

Let us make sure your graphic design choices say the right things about you and your brand.

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Brand IdentityDesign

From your logo to your font and colours, good graphic design should be a part of your most elementary brand choices. Head45 can make sure they are.

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Design forPrint

Modern graphic design got its start in print, and this is still one of the places it can be most effective. Print can be expensive. Make sure it is also worth it.

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Design forWeb

Nothing is more visual than today’s World Wide Web, and everything you see there is the result of graphic design – good or bad. Let’s make sure yours is good!

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Social CreativeContent

Social media is one place where graphic design can really shine – the right look can take an ad viral, for example. Head45 can make sure your socials draw attention.

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Direct Mail, Print &Postage

In some industries, direct mail advertising is stronger than ever. With good graphic design choices, you can make sure your mail shots get opened, not trashed.

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Events & ExhibitionsDesign

Events and exhibitions can be the best way to reach out to other businesses, but only if your brand really stands out. We can make sure that happens.

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