Let’s face it, PPC can be a brutally competitive thing. If you don’t understand the process perfectly, you could end up paying a huge amount of money for featured search results, and never make a single sale. But that won’t happen with Head45. We can help you achieve more while spending less.

The real key is targeting the right customers, and if you know how to work with Google, you can reach out to exactly the right people at exactly the right time.

Good PPC is all about the process:

  1. Determining exactly what goods and services you need to push
  2. Learning about your customers and your untapped markets
  3. Creating personas and other tools to target just the right people
  4. Crafting ads that speak directly to their needs and desires
  5. Creating landing pages to convert clicks into paying customers
  6. Linking your PPC campaigns to your overall SEO strategy
  7. Testing your PPC performance and tracking costs
  8. Getting you the clicks you need for a reasonable price

Head45 build reputations by delivering sales-ready traffic for a lower cost.

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What Head45’s PPC Team Can Do For You?

Not just anyone can run a  PPC campaign. Cardiff businesses know that Head45’s PPC team can be trusted to deliver on their promises. We can craft a stand-alone PPC campaign for you, or make one into the centre of an integrated digital marketing strategy.

Using our PPC services will allow you to:

  • Get your name and message in front of people who are ready to buy right now
  • Target eager customers within your service area
  • Keep your brand at the front of qualified buyers’ minds even when they aren’t shopping

PPC Cardiff Essentials

Use Google’s ground-breaking marketing tools effectively

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In order for PPC to be a part of a truly effective marketing campaign, it needs to be based on a thorough audit and a clear strategy. Head45 can provide both.

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We help you reach out to potential customers right through their browsers! Advertising on Google Shopping and similar feeds can be incredibly effective.

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We can get your ads on the web pages that display the results for people searching for exactly what you sell – perfect targeting and perfect timing!

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There is no customer like a returning customer! Remarketing can help you bring past visitors and shoppers back, ideally forming a long-term customer relationship.

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Advertising directly on Amazon allows you to improve your visibility by targeting people who are shopping for your type of goods and services right now.

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Conversion RateOptimisation

Head45 can help you turn more of that expensive site traffic into paying customers. One of the ways we accomplish that is with top-notch conversion rate optimisation.

Boost your conversion rate

Creative & Professional digital seo agency!

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