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Welcome to Head45, your trusted partner for high-quality Angular development services. Our skilled team of developers specialises in building custom, innovative AngularJS solutions that are both efficient and scalable. Our top priority is delivering solutions that meet your unique needs and exceed your expectations. Let our expert professionals work with you and help bring your vision to life.

Innovative and Custom Angular Development Services

Web Application Development

Our experienced development team develops secure, reliable, and highly efficient applications. When it comes to web design Leicester clients rely on our expertise to deliver exceptional results. We use a Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach to create modular applications that are maintainable and easily updated. Additionally, we incorporate third-party libraries and frameworks to create customised applications that meet your requirements for AngularJS Web Development services.

Angular App Development

Our experienced developers employ industry-leading techniques to create robust, secure, and engaging mobile applications for any platform. We utilise modern technologies such as NativeScript and Ionic to build highly interactive user experiences. Our Angular mobile development solutions help you stay ahead of the competition.

UI/UX Design

Our competent design team works collaboratively with clients and uses the latest user interface design principles to ensure our applications are visually appealing and easy to operate. We also use advanced data analytics to optimise the user experience and maximise efficiency.

Migration and Upgrade

We can help you move your existing web applications to the latest version of AngularJS, ensuring that your applications are secure, reliable, and efficient. We use cutting-edge technologies and a Model-View-Controller approach to ensure your applications are up-to-date with the latest development trends.

Testing & Quality Assurance

We use automated and manual testing techniques to validate your applications' functionality, performance, and security. We provide detailed test reports and feedback to identify issues before they become problems. Our Quality Assurance & Testing services guarantee that your AngularJS applications are reliable and secure.

Plugin & Module Development

We use advanced technologies and best practices to deliver robust, secure solutions that meet your business requirements. Our team has the expertise to create custom plugins and modules tailored to your needs. We build powerful and user-friendly applications.

Consulting & Strategy Development

As a leading AngularJS Development Company, our strategists collaborate with you to learn your business objectives and develop a tailored strategy to help you maximise the potential of your application. We offer various services, from design and architecture consulting to performance optimisation and security audits, to ensure your application is always at its best.

External Integration

Drawing on our proficiency in integrating AngularJS applications with external APIs, libraries, and frameworks, we offer bespoke solutions that harness the full potential of AngularJS and seamlessly connect with external sources. Your application will be fortified with top-notch security measures, impeccable reliability, and optimal performance.

E-commerce Development

We utilise the AngularJS framework to construct secure, dependable, and feature-packed e-commerce websites and applications. Our personalised solutions suit your business requirements, delivering an intuitive user experience and bolstered security. We seamlessly integrate third-party libraries and frameworks, crafting extensively customised solutions and optimising ROI.

Efficient and Agile AngularJS Development Services for Your Business

Collaborate with us for AngularJS development services and benefit from our proven expertise in creating dynamic, scalable, and feature-rich web applications

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Experience and Expertise

We have a team of experts with long-standing experience developing AngularJS-based applications. Our team has worked on various projects, allowing us to overcome multiple challenges quickly and efficiently. We know to provide the best solution to any issue that arises during the development process.

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Efficient Development

We follow a structured development process that ensures the efficient and timely delivery of projects. Our highly disciplined team ensures the project is completed within the stipulated timeframe. Our system keeps you updated on the project's progress.

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We are cost-effective as we have a team of developers who work on multiple projects simultaneously. This means you can get the same expertise and quality at a lower cost. We provide you with a detailed project cost estimate before starting work.

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Quality Assurance

Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures the application is thoroughly tested before deployment. Our team ensures that the application is bug-free and performs as expected. We follow best practices to ensure that the application is secure and reliable.

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We have the expertise to build scalable applications that can grow with your business. We use advanced technologies and tools to ensure the application is scalability. We advise you on how to scale the application as your business grows.

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Focus on Core Business

By outsourcing AngularJS development to our agency, you can focus on their core business activities. This will free up your time and resources, aiding you to concentrate on what you do best. We regularly update you on the project's progress, ensuring you can track our work while focusing on your business.

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With our agile development approach, we deliver tailored WordPress theme solutions that align with their brand identity, exceed their expectations, and empower their business for success.

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Requirement Gathering

Our team starts by gathering your requirements. We conduct meetings, interviews, and surveys to understand your needs, objectives, and expectations for the project. We ensure that we understand your vision before proceeding to the next step.

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Proposal Submission

After gathering your requirements, we create a proposal outlining the scope, timeline, and cost of the project. We provide a detailed plan of how we will meet your needs and ensure that the proposal aligns with your budget and timeline.

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Design & Development

We will initiate the design and development phase once you accept our proposal. Our team, as a leading web design agency in Birmingham, creates wireframes, mockups, and prototypes to showcase the design and functionality of the application. We work closely with you to ensure the design aligns with your vision and meets the specific requirements of your business.

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Testing & Quality Assurance

After the application is developed, we thoroughly test it to ensure it is bug-free and performs as expected. Our team also perform security testing and ensure the application is secure and reliable. We provide you with updates on the progress of the testing phase.

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Deployment and Launch

We deploy the application to your server or cloud platform once the application passes the testing phase. Our team provides training and support to ensure your team can use the application effectively. We also offer continuous maintenance and support to you.

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Post-Launch Analysis

After launching the application, we analyse its performance, engagement, and feedback. We offer you insights and recommendations on how to improve the application. We work with you to implement any necessary updates and improvements to ensure that your application continues to meet your needs.

What is the cost of web design in Birmingham?

The cost of web design in Birmingham can vary considerably. It is, in fact, rather difficult to attribute a single figure or even a range when it comes to the cost of web design services in Birmingham. That said, there are several pointers to determining the cost of your business website. Factors to consider include the following:

Against this backdrop, it would be vital to note that we are transparent in our pricing. Once all the finer details have been worked out and mutually agreed upon, there are no surprises lying in store later on. As long as the requirements do not change, the contractually agreed price remains sacrosanct.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web application framework to develop dynamic and robust web applications. It is prevalent among developers because it provides powerful features that make it easier to build complex web applications. With AngularJS, you can create a scalable and responsive web application that is easy to maintain and update.

At Head45, we have a team of experienced developers specialising in AngularJS development. We provide end-to-end solutions that cover everything from design and development to deployment and maintenance. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions that meet your company needs and exceed your expectations.

The time it takes to develop an AngularJS application with Head45 depends on the complexity of the project and the features required. We provide a detailed project timeline in our proposal that outlines the development phases and milestones. We work with you to ensure the project is delivered on time and within the agreed timeline.

To get started and hire Angular developer, write to us at and briefly tell us your project requirements. A member of our technical team will contact you within 48 hours.


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