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AWS is a package of cloud-based IT services that reduce reliance on physical infrastructure. Whether you are in need of storage, computing power, content delivery, or some other IT service, you can rely on AWS Managed Services providers. AWS reduces the need for physical infrastructure and boosts reliability.

Our Impeccable Amazon Cloud Services

With the advent of the internet, almost every service is available online today. The same is the case for IT services. Here are some of the Amazon Cloud Services that we cater to.

AWS Cloud Migration

Head45's professional team focuses on developing a solid migration strategy to transfer business data and apps to a cloud environment with safety and security.

AWS Consulting

If you are planning to shift to AWS, you can rely on Head45 for reliable counselling and consulting. We carefully analyse your current architecture to devise a strategy for future growth.

AWS Integration

If you want to attain a hybrid cloud model for business growth, we are one of the best AWS-managed services providers. We can help you seamlessly integrate Amazon Cloud with existing resources.

Managed AWS Cloud Services

Our managed AWS services incorporate aspects such as performance monitoring, maintenance, OS updates, security patching, DNS management, and more.

AWS Resource Control

Head45 has expertise in managing AWS resources for you. Our adept team takes care of configuration, application monitoring, visibility, vulnerabilities, etc. Further, we also take care of security which includes DDoS protection, compliance check, audits, etc.

AWS Data Warehouse

If you need help with the data warehouse on AWS, we can help you with it. We can assist in designing the database while managing it as per the agreed conditions.

Why Choose Head45 for AWS Data Migration and other services?

Amazon Web Services is an imperative part of an IT firm. As the market of IT is huge, there are a lot of Amazon Web Services providers. Here are some factors that set us apart from them.

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Certified Professionals

The very first thing about Head45 is the team. Our team of AWS experts is certified and has relevant experience under their belt. Hence, providing top-notch cloud services to you.

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Result-Oriented Workflows

Our workflow or process to deal with AWS projects are planned and result-oriented. We ensure proper analysis of your needs before beginning the project.

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Swift Turnaround Time

Head45 considers time as its greatest adversary, which is why we make sure that everything is done on or before time. We ensure swift query resolution and result delivery.

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Competitive Pricing

Price is the factor that can make or break your decision. With Head45, you only pay for what you want. We offer competitive pricing as compared to other Amazon Web Services Companies.

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Hassle-Free Solutions

Our entire AWS Database Migration process is designed to keep your experience hassle-free. So, you don’t have to worry about anything as you are updated on every project detail.

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Excellent Communication

Our team at Head45 maintains timely communication with the client so that you never miss any detail on the progress of your project.

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Our Seamless Project Workflow

As AWS needs to be implemented carefully, we have perfectly designed our workflow!

IT-Projects Proposals

Project Discussion

Initially, we analysed the need for our project. We take a look at the architectural design and its configurations.

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Wireframe Approval

Once we know the needs, we will design a wireframe to begin the AWS building phase.

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Development and Testing

Based on the designed wireframe, we begin the development process and end it with proper testing.

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Client Feedback

The produced product is presented to the client for feedback.

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Application Deployment

Once positive feedback is received, the AWS services are deployed for use by the audience.

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Maintenance and Support

Post the release of the services, Head45 takes care of the support and maintenance of the project delivered.

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Against this backdrop, it would be vital to note that we are transparent in our pricing. Once all the finer details have been worked out and mutually agreed upon, there are no surprises lying in store later on. As long as the requirements do not change, the contractually agreed price remains sacrosanct.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using AWS, we can provide you with management services to monitor, manage, and optimise the cloud infrastructure.

Yes, there are some additional services that Head45 provides, such as app modernisation, DevOps, consulting, and more.

Yes, we can provide you with managed services. However, you have to opt for our consulting services first, in which we will plan and execute the migration process before delivering managed services.

Our pricing depends on the services you opt for. You can contact us to discuss the project and know the pricing.


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