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Head45 represents a team of cloud migration experts working together to transfer your existing digital assets, services, applications, and resources to the cloud. We help you harness the power of cloud technology combined with access to smart features to help your business succeed.

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Discovery and Analysis

Taking advantage of our experience and expertise, we assess your existing business structure. With this information, we determine the best-fit infrastructure and cloud services your business needs for strategic and performance benefits.

Cloud Migration Strategy

We also build a business-centric migration strategy keeping in mind your needs and future trends. We build a plan to meticulously migrate every bit of data, applications, and assets to the cloud while implementing risk-management practices. In addition to this, we also provide cloud to cloud migration services to the service providers of your choice.

Infrastructure Migration

Our experts build the best-fit cloud infrastructure process with the purpose of bringing higher scalability, security, and agility to the business. Whether you want AWS or Azure cloud migration, we employ the right tools and technologies and automate your infrastructure management services.

Cloud Data Migration

While migrating your data to the cloud, we bring in the migration experts to ensure error-free migration. We also disentangle data to keep data gravity in check and implement practices that cover all the security lapses leading to favorable migration outcomes.

Head45 is among the Best Cloud Migration Services Companies. Why?

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Better Agility

We follow agile work methods, which makes us better in terms of cost, work speed, productivity, and delivering results. When it comes to web design Newcastle Upon Tyne choose us for efficient approach. We implement methods that help decrease the time-to-market for your product and improve your business’ performance.

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Proven Work Strategies

At Head45, we like to innovate and deliver better solutions. But we also use proven work methods and strategies for accelerating the migration process and ensuring zero errors. We test every strategy from all aspects before deployment, ensuring seamless execution for your project at our web design agency Edinburgh

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Trusted by Global Brands

Our cloud migration services are trusted by global companies. We have built this trust with years of flawless execution and on-time delivery of the required solutions.

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Cloud Partners

On the list of our cloud partners, you will find names like Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We are familiar with their offering and help our clients work with the best cloud partner for a better future.

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Simplified Solutions

We take out the complexities associated with cloud migration and deliver simplified solutions. This way, we make working with the cloud comfortable and smooth.

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Certified Cloud Experts

At Head45, we have certified cloud architects with years of experience in every project. Our experts excel at delivering superior cloud solutions for your business, whether you want Azure migration services or any other cloud solution.

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Our Cloud Migration Process and Procedure

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Assessment and Analysis

Our work begins by creating an assessment profile of your business and its cloud compatibility. We also run an analysis to identify your requirements and challenges.

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Manage and Monitors

After understanding the requirements and work scope, we create the cloud migration strategy. Our work plan is divided into milestones to follow a granular work structure for easier execution.

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Execution and Deployment

We handpick the tools and technologies for executing every step of the cloud migration process. We migrate data, assets, and applications with complete security and zero lapses.

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Manage and Monitors

After completing the cloud migration services, we can deploy a team to monitor and manage your cloud infrastructure and services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We assess your existing cloud infrastructure and readiness to identify what your business requires to qualify as cloud-mature and advanced. For instance, if you need Azure data migration service, we will build a bespoke plan that conforms to the technology and its capabilities.

For our clients, we are ready to work with one out of the different engagement models practiced at Head45. You can choose from a team extension, fixed price project, or an hourly model.

We select the cloud deployment model based on your requirements and after assessing the pros and cons of each model vis-a-vis your business.

The time required for cloud migration depends on the project size, complexity, and quantum of legacy applications. It can be between a few weeks to a few months.


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