Decrease the bounce rate of your website with our effective website speed optimisation services that accelerate your site loading speed for higher performance.

Is Your Website’s Speed Getting VIP Treatment?

Don’t Let Conversions Slip Away! Team up with our website experts to accelerate your site’s performance and extend visitor sessions.


consumers indicate the speed of the website directly influences their buying decision.

15.30 seconds

is the time taken by an average website to load.


is the conversion rate of visitors for a website that loads under 1 second compared to a site with a 5-second load time.

A Mere 1-second Delay Cause Significant Impacts

  1. 11% drop in page views
  2. 16% dip in customer satisfaction rate
  3. 7% decrease in conversion rate
  4. 3X the possibility of viewers bouncing off the website
  5. 5 Million missed sales opportunities if your clinic makes 100,000 Euros a day.

What’s in the Speed Optimisation Package?

Page Load Performance and Web Optimisation

Website Cleanup File Load Structuring Caching Configuration
Gzip Compression Image Optimisation Database Cleanup
Streamline CSS & JS Monthly Performance Overview Removal of Unused Plugins and Themes
XML-RPC Deactivation CDN Configuration & Setup Two Extra Hours Monthly for Miscellaneous Website Adjustments and Bug Fixes

Performance Metrics Targeted in Our Speed Optimisation Services:

Our speed optimisation services include a comprehensive examination of all critical elements of your website, followed by optimisation to enhance the interaction and performance of your web pages.

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP)
  • First Meaningful Paint (FMP)
  • Speed Index
  • First CPU Idle
  • Time to Interactive (TTI)
  • Max Potential First Input Delay (FID)
  • Total Blocking Time (TBT)
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

Minimise the number of external resources / Reduce the quantity of external resources.

Serve external resources from a CDN  / Utilise a CDN to deliver external resources.

Use efficient caching policies for external resources / Implement effective caching strategies for external resources.

How to interpret your Total Blocking Time Score / Proper guidance on interpreting your Total Blocking Time Score.

Trusted and Result-Driven Speed Optimisation Process

1. Setup and Management

We begin the process by first understanding your website’s current functionality and the goals you aim to achieve. It helps us create an actionable plan that can generate positive results for the website.

  • Support Discovery Call
  • Website Backend Review
  • Website Setup
  • Website Plugin Updates
  • Website Backups

2. Website Audit and Testing

After understanding your website’s objectives and configuring the backend, we conduct a comprehensive site speed audit to pinpoint any significant issues. This assessment allows us to identify key areas for improvement and prioritise them accordingly. Following the audit, you’ll receive a detailed report outlining identified issues along with our proposed plan to resolve them.

  • Lighthouse Analysis
  • GTmetrixs Analysis
  • Detailed Report

3. Hosting for Site Speed

As part of our comprehensive speed optimisation audits, we assess the impact of your hosting infrastructure on performance. Our WordPress-tailored hosting solutions are meticulously designed to enhance the loading times of your website by addressing server performance.

  • WordPress managed hosting
  • Daily website backups
  • On-going hosting support

4. Content Optimisation for Site Speed

If your servers aren’t causing site delays, then your content is likely causing the slowdown. Optimising images and scripts is important for making your site load faster. You might need a better theme or smaller image files. Any issue you have, we can resolve it.

  • Image optimisation
  • Video optimisation
  • CSS, HTML, and JavaScript Optimisation

5. Plugins and Applications for Site Speed

Not every plugin works the same way. Some are designed with heavy characteristics that slow down your website, while others may have little to no impact on it. So, we review all your plugins, remove the ones you don’t use, and replace slow ones with faster alternatives.

  • Ensure all plugins are updated to the latest version.
  • Delete any plugins that aren’t being used.
  • Replace slow plugins with faster ones.

6. Technical Optimisation for Site Speed

The way you embed outside scripts into your site can majorly impact your site speed. This includes elements like Google tags, embedded maps, and more similar components. While addressing these technical intricacies may require additional time, the results are well worth the investment.

  • Optimising scripts from 3D parties
  • Connect to a CDN

7. Evaluation, Refinement, and Optimisation

Speed optimisation for your website requires continuous attention. With each update to themes, plugins, and PHP, it’s crucial to ensure you’re using the latest versions. Additionally, if you frequently add new content to your site, it’s essential to optimise it properly to prevent a decline in speed over time.

  • Frequent site speed testing
  • Continuous optimisation of new content
  • Regular updates for themes, plugins, and PHP

Our team specialising in website performance optimisation has successfully improved the page speed of more than 1000 WordPress and WooCommerce websites, prioritising Google’s Core Web Vitals.

  • Over 1000 sites optimised
  • A team of 50+ experts
  • Tailored for dental clinics
  • Outstanding results

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