The future is Voice Search

“Voice recognition from Google already has an accuracy of 95%”

We believe you should have a basic understanding of how speech recognition and voice search can impact a business.

Voice Search in The World of Healthcare

Voice assistants and voice-enabled tech is changing the way patients are accessing and using healthcare. Amazon is working with six healthcare companies to develop cutting-edge apps for Alexa, and many other HIPPA compliant apps are going through trials as we speak.

Voice Search in World of Healthcare

Why Voice Search Has A Huge Potential in The Healthcare Industry

Voice Search in World of Healthcare

Prospects and Existing Patients Expect Instant Answers

Voice search & queries are 40 times more action-oriented than regular search. Action, in healthcare, is about finding the nearest urgent care facility or asking where to fill a prescription.

Voice Delivers the Conversations Patients Want

For many people during emergencies, even dialling a simple number can be quite challenging. If you have ever performed a voice search with smart speakers and smartphones, you know how easy it has become to get access to what you want than typing something on the screen.

How to Optimise Practice SEO?

#1 Prioritise Local SEO

The world has gone mobile and for healthcare practices, the voice-based search will need to focus on local dental seo. For instance, if living in Liverpool and you need a dentist, they can simply access information by asking “Dentists near me”. Therefore, local search engine optimisation will grab the centre stage, when it comes to searching information via voice search systems.

Prioritise Local SEO

#2 Focus on Conversational Keywords

Conversational keywords are search queries that sound more like a real person talking. More and more natural phrases are being used in voice searches. The time is ripe for marketers to focus their attention on conversational long-tail keywords for best results.

Focus on Conversational Keywords

#3 Integrated Schema Markup

Using schema will help your website to be discovered early. Schema markup gets built into your web pages that can help keep queries and answers in a context that is well understood by search engines. A quick scan of your content for speakable snippets is a good starting point to optimise your schema markup. By speakable snippets, we are referring to chunks of content that could easily be said aloud.

#4 Up-to-Date NAP

NAP refers to the name, address, and phone number of your practice. Since voice search is predominantly used to conduct local searches, practices need to keep Google My Business listing up-to-date operating information. The NAP for your practice has to be consistent when optimising for online presence and local search.

Up-to-Date NAP

Time to Optimise Your Medical Practice for Voice Search

voice search


Consider the voice search trends as a substantial part of your 2021 digital marketing plans. The key is always to keep your marketing strategy flexible that the world learned during the coronavirus pandemic.  Head45 is a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO, PPC, brand design, and dental web design. Being data-driven, we help our clients achieve extraordinary results by capitalising and finding valuable opportunities in healthcare and executing them effortlessly and flawlessly.

If you are gearing towards optimising your healthcare website for voice search with support for schema markup, we would love to assist you in this process. Reach your prospective patients like you never did before. It’s time to embrace the voice-enabled future of tomorrow.

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